Ozpol Villa

Aged Care Facility


For the majority of elderly people the transition from the family home to a new way of living can be daunting. It is difficult to leave their home, which holds many memories. The neighborhood is familiar, and family and friends often live close by.

However, in some cases, moving to a care facility is the right and best decision. It means moving into accommodation and sharing with other elderly people. More importantly, it means receiving the help and support to live comfortably and securely.

At OzPol Villa, assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Care is provided by our experienced and bilingual Care Workers.  OzPol Villa is best suited to provide permanent placements, overnight respite, discharge from hospital (transitional care) and day respite in a homely environment. 


Admission Requirements and Permanent Residence

It is necessary to complete the Application for Admission. On receipt of the form, a referral will be forwarded for approval to an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) if an ACAT assessment has not been performed.  

Once approval is received, OzPol will be able to process an application for placement. Date of admission is subject to room availability. A copy of the ACAT assessment is required to be placed on file at OzPol's office at 40 Roma Street, Brisbane.

A copy of an Enduring Power of Attorney and a Health Directive is to be provided to OzPol prior to entry into the Villa.


Residential Care Facility Application for Admission

The Application form requests basic information such as a current address and contact details of relatives. These should be kept up to date at all times and when a room becomes available it will be necessary to receive immediate confirmation of acceptance. Included with the Admission Form is a Medical Report Questionnaire which should be completed by a medical practitioner and returned prior to the time of admission.

Please contact us if you would like to apply for placement at OzPol Villa.


Residential Service Agreement

Prior to entering OzPol Villa a Residential Service Agreement, which sets out all terms and conditions in relation to the Resident and OzPol, will be executed and a copy of the Agreement provided to the Resident or their representative.

The recipient will acquire the accommodation under a Deed of Loan arrangement. This means that the recipient will loan the amount of the studio unit to OzPol interest free. The loan will be repaid to the resident on leaving OzPol Villa or to the resident's estate on their death, less the retention amounts as stated in the Deed of Loan.

This is a major benefit to the resident and/or beneficiaries as the resident or the estate does not have to wait for the unit to be sold before it is paid out. The Deed of Loan agreement provides for a lifelong occupancy of the selected unit. The occupancy does not terminate on the death of a spouse, if a double unit is selected. It continues for the surviving spouse.

Residents may at any time, with complete, freedom and for any reason, vacate the unit upon giving three months written notice, and the loan will be paid out less the retention amount as stated in the Deed of Loan.

It is recommended that prior to signing the Agreement that the resident seeks the necessary advice from their legal and/or financial adviser and fully understands the contents before signing.


Services Provided

The Villa offers a 24 hour care service. Dedicated and professionally trained bilingual staff provide day to day individual assistance such as:

  • Bathing, showering and toileting
  • Dressing, undressing and grooming
  • Assistance with meals
  • Supervision of medication
  • Counselling
  • A medical practitioner can be available at appointed times, however, residents may choose their own doctor. Allied health services, such as optometry, podiatry, physiotherapy (if prescribed by a doctor) can also be arranged as well as delivery of medication in Webster packs.


European cuisine is our specialty.  All meals are served in the dining room. Meals may be provided within the care recipient's room in cases of illness and/or incapacity.


The activities program provides social, intellectual, physical and emotional stimulation so as to maintain daily living skills and social skills. Small group interaction is important for maintaining social skills.

Activities include exercise, walks in the Villa gardens, memory games etc. Entertainment comprises films and videos, singing and discussions on various topics. Activities are always enjoyable.

Families and friends are encouraged to visit as often as possible, and to continually take part in the resident’s life.  This contributes significantly to their physical and mental wellbeing.  Taking residents on trips and outings is also encouraged.

Fees and charges

Permanent residents are required to pay a entry fee. The entry fee (less administration charges) is refundable as per the Deed of Loan agreement. For residents' upkeep, full pensioners are required to pay 85% of their prescribed pension plus the rental assistance amount.

Respite is also available at the Villa for short or long term stay. Respite residents are not required to pay a leasing bond.