In-Home Care OzPol Villa

Assisting clients to maintain their independence and to remain in their own homes.


Quality aged care accommodation (permanent and respite) in a friendly environment. Close to all amenities, and operated by experienced and caring bilingual staff.

Social Activities & Wellness Support For Carers

Social support, day respite and wellness activities provide the elderly with the opportunity for culturally relevant social interaction.


Information and advice as well as providing support networks to access when carers require a break. Referral to appropriate local and regional service providers and residential respite at OzPol Villa.

Multicultural Services Disability Services

OzPol provides assistance to individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.  We can meet the need to converse with clients in their preferred language and show knowledge and respect of their culture.


OzPol approaches to working with people with a disability on making sure a person with a disability is at the centre of all decisions and actions that relate to their life and their support. The person can determine the direction of their life based on their own strengths, abilities, networks and preferences to meet their goals at any safe in their life. The person requesting or requiring support is in control.

Healthy Ageing Project 

OzPol has received funding from the federal government to establish the Healthy Ageing Project (HAP). This project involves forming partnerships between Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD) and service providers, to meet needs of older people from various communities.