Cultural Competency Professional Development Project

This project has been funded by the Federal Government. It is a professional development program targeting 2nd and 3rd year student in health and allied health courses delivered by Queensland universities. The program provides education and awareness on the community aged care sector and aspects of CALD communities relating to older people who may have mental illness, dementia, war trauma and displacement issues.

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Further Information

There is increasing awareness of the need to enhance collaboration and improve understanding across a broad range of professions of mood disorders in older people. These conditions, as well as age-related dementia, need to be well understood by staff interacting with older people to ensure high-quality person-centred care.

The program offers presentations, website with resources and opportunities for hands-on practical experience for students. It will help develop students’ understanding of the additional complexities and challenges faced by a person ageing away from their birth country. It will help older people obtain appropriate assessment and care.

Awareness of the ongoing support and interdisciplinary collaboration needed to ensure good mental health and/or living with dementia can be better understood in older people from CALD backgrounds through a multidimensional approach.

Multidisciplinary and multidimensional care can only be strengthened by early training & skills development, by presenting to students in courses in the following fields:

Academic Health ProgramsAllied HealthBiomedical ScienceClinical Sciences
DentistryExercise & NutritionExercise & Health ScienceHealth Sciences
Health & RehabilitationHuman MovementHuman Services & Social WorkMedicine
Medical & Applied ScienceMedical ImagingNursing & MidwiferyParamedic Science
Optometry & Vision SciencePharmacyPhysiotherapyPsychology
Public Health   

This project focuses on two areas to equip health professionals to support the target group: information about the broad spectrum covered by the community aged care sector; and providing a better understanding of the effects of:

  • post-traumatic stress disorder influenced by human rights abuses, war-related family deaths, deprivation and displacement;
  • isolation exacerbated by distance and language barriers; and
  • experiences of loss of status and identity.

The project will not only provide better care to the CALD elderly but to also promote intercultural harmony. It will build pathways between health professionals, students, CALD communities and service providers.