Our Green Policy


OzPol recognises that all businesses have the responsibility of looking after the natural environment in which we all live. The growing body of knowledge about climate change indicates that drastic reductions in emissions are going to be needed in the near future to stabilise carbon in the atmosphere.  This is important for the health and wellbeing of future generations.  Business operating costs are also minimised through ensuring efficient use of energy and resources, thereby enabling us to assist the community more extensively.  We actively demonstrate our commitment to the environment by adopting environmentally responsible practices as follows:

  • Aspiring to the ideal of the "paperless office" by storing documents electronically rather than filed on shelves, sending email rather than paper correspondence and distributing brochures and other marketing material in digital format at every opportunity.
  • Adhering to a "reduce, re-use, recycle" philosophy in our purchase and use of paper, printer cartridges, and other unavoidable office consumables.
  • Managing energy use via the installation of solar cells to produce renewable energy, water efficient fixtures and appropriately-sized automated cooling systems to reduce demand for and consumption of natural resources.
  • Encouraging alternative transportation, including public transport, for employees.